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Welcome to the Right to Information, Transparency and Technology Conference!

We are organizing a conference about Right to Information, Technology and Transparency at Stanford in March, 2013. More information and sign-up for the conference here.

On this platform we are looking for projects, which enhance transparency, right to information and participation in society by using technologies. These can involve crowdsourcing, open data, freedom of information, participatory budgeting, open design practices, datajournalism or something else. You name what it is! You can tell about your own project, or tell about some other projects you know.

We also want to give a space for all of us working in this field to connect and exchange thoughts. So, please share your thoughts below by addressing the following questions:

- What are the case studies and projects you are working on related to RTI?

- What are the topics that should be covered in the conference?

- What are the RTI related challenges you are facing in your work?

Many thanks for your participation!

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